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Beginnings of "SINTEK" Skopje date since 1987, with its primary activity PROTECTION OF MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES.

Development policy of the company contributes to improvement of its field of activity everyday and today it operates in the following fields:


  acid-resistant protection

  protection from corrosion

  repair and strengthening of structures

  treatment of joints

  preparation of floors with special requirements

  preparation of technical-technological documentation with its implementation

  production of supporting materials in the civil engineering

During its growth period, the undertaken commitments had been increased, thus, in spite of the permanently employed persons, also eight subcontractors (cooperative) companies were engaged for carrying out the engagements all over the former Yugoslavia . The market was significantly reduced with the independency of our Republic. But, the desire for moving forward was aimed to modernization of the business facilities, working conditions, advanced training (professional improvement ) of the employees, improvement of the equipment, equipping with its own laboratory, and as a result of all these, the company has obtained various certificates and it fulfills the standards for ISO 9001:2000.

Complying with the high quality criteria, "SINTEK" Skopje, for a longer period succeeds to be rated at and to keep the high level among the most successful companies in our country.

"SINTEK" as high-quality recognizable and modern company, in the area of its activity, offers its services in our country, as well as outside the Republic of Macedonia (Serbia, Montenegro, Ukraine , etc.).

Investing in its extensive experience up to now and applying its business motto, "SINTEK" Skopje has stable and reliable future at satisfaction of its business partners and its employees

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